The Swanky
James 2:1-13
Charles Wilson Jr | Lead Pastor
There are a few places where every person should feel seen, loved and valued no matter their position, economic status or ethnicity. Families, communities and governments can fail us all by treating people with partiality, however, Jesus’ church is command to excel in handling people properly.

July 22, 2023



Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication 


James 2:1-13


  • Show no partiality (1-4) Partiality should diminish as we grow
  • Do not honor the rich above the poor (5-7) Honor in its proper place
  • Fulfill the law by loving others (8-13) Display your mercy 

Reflection Questions

  1.  Is favoritism common in the church?
  2. In what ways might believers show favoritism today in the church?
  3. How about outside of the church?