The Scriptures: Faulty Foundation
Charles Wilson Jr | Lead Pastor
When buying a house you ask questions about the neighborhood, the school system, taxes, the roof, the heat and air conditioning system. Some people will even ask questions about the refrigerator or the stove. The foundation, however is far from the top of the list. If the foundation is the top question it is coming from a person who has experienced foundation issues in the past. Everything is built on the foundation. The same is true with the scriptures. The scriptures are the foundation, where we find out who God is, what he has done, what he is doing and so much more.

January 14, 2024



Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication 


Acts 8:26-40


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Reflection Questions

  1. What is your plan to learn how to better study the scriptures?
  2. Are you coming to the Wednesday study?