The God We Can Trust
Psalm 24
Will Soto | Guest Speaker
Amid the chaos of the world around us, God's people often feel vulnerable and overwhelmed. The Scriptures repeatedly exhort us to not be afraid; but, why should God's people trust deeply in the Lord? In the sermon from Psalm 24--a beautiful Messianic Psalm--we will consider this question and explore deeper real-life application!

June 20, 2021



Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication 


Psalm 24


  • We can trust the Lord because He is in control of all things
  • We can trust the Lord because He is righteous and holy
  • We can trust the Lord because He is victorious over every enemy

Reflection Questions

  1. If God is in control of all things, how does this change our personal and corporate prayer lives?
  2. How does your own life reflect God’s righteousness and holiness? How is this seen in your relationships with others?
  3. How does knowing the end of the story impact our ability to “love our neighbor” and “make disciples”?