Like Father Like Son
John 5:1-30, 42-44
Bret Johnson | Guest Speaker
Jesus once again does the unexpected, he heals. The result is not what people expect either and Jesus has to explain himself. We will see why Jesus does the things that he does and find out for ourselves where life in Christ comes from.

October 17, 2021



Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication 


John 5:1-30, 42-44


  • An illustration: Poolside Happenings
  • An explanation: Why Jesus does what he does.
  • A warning: Be careful what you seek.

Reflection Questions

  1. Do you recognize whenJesus is at work around you or do you find it hard to see?
  2. When Jesus does what he does in your life are you excited or disappointed? (hint, he often is not up to the things we think he is)
  3. When people watch your life, what do they say is the source/cause of your actions?
  4. Do people see the father in the way you do the things you do?