Kingdom Justice & the Gospel
Psalm 33:5
Jesse Furey | Guest Speaker
Today we step further in and look at a broad sketch of Kingdom Justice, and how the Gospel unites us as Kingdom people.

Kingdom Justice & the Gospel

by Jesse Furey | Guest Speaker

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September 6, 2020



Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication 


Jeremiah 29:7

You can read the full chapter of Jeremiah 29 here


Jeremiah 29:7

“Pursue the well-being of the city I have deported you to. Pray to the LORD on its behalf, for when it thrives, you will thrive.”


Psalm 33:5


  • Kingdom Justice flows from a Just King
  • Kingdom Justice recognizes the Imago Dei
  • Kingdom Justice recognizes the complexity of injustice

Reflection Questions

  1. How do you define justice?
  2. How does Jesus’ justice compare to the world’s justice?
  3. How can the church be a better voice against injustice?