Jesus, Our Compassionate Savior
John 6:1-6, Matthew 14:13-14
Will Soto | Guest Speaker
In one of His most well-known miracles--the feeding of the 5,000--John reveals the compassionate heart of Jesus. This narrative is unique--it's the only miracle to appear in all four Gospels--and, in it we see that the bedrock of Jesus' ministry is compassion and love for those in need. This is not only hope for all of us, but also an example for us to follow!

October 24, 2021



Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication 


John 6:1-14, Matthew 14:13-14


  • The Compassionate Heart of Jesus for the Needy
  • The Care of Jesus for the Needy
  • Following the Example of Jesus

Reflection Questions

  1. Jesus’ life and ministry was marked by compassion for others. In what ways has He shown kindness and compassion towards you?
  2. Jesus’ care was very specific and demonstrated a deep awareness of the needs of others. Consider your own walk with Christ–how has the Lord cared for you in a time of need
  3. As we consider the Great Commission (making disciples) and Great Commandment (loving our neighbor), what are some tangible ways we can do both in our community?