Handling the Text
John 8:2-11
Charles Wilson Jr | Lead Pastor
The fun thing about reading adventure stories is the feeling of being in the danger or excitement without the possibility of getting hurt. You can travel under the ocean or be in space in a matter of moments. The Bible, however, is the only book that we read that actually reads us back. John 8 is a great passage to see the reflection of our hearts in real time before Jesus.

January 7, 2024



Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication 


John 8:2-11


  • Motives
  • Truth
  • Unscheduled appointments


Reflection Questions

  1. Do you regularly see areas you need to work on when you are in God’s Word?
  2. Do you find the Word of God to be a light to your path?
  3. How in the last week have your steps been corrected or adjusted by God’s voice?