Discovering God's Character
Psalm 117
Will Soto | Guest Speaker
When it comes to the character of God, the world--and the church--is a marketplace of ideas. How can we know, from the Scriptures, who God is? And, in coming to know Him, how should we respond? In the sermon from Psalm 117--a short Psalm with deep truths--we will consider these questions and explore the real-world implications!

May 9, 2021



Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication 


Psalm 117


  • God is impartial in salvation (v.1)
  • God is unwavering in His love (v.2a)
  • God is infinitely faithful to His people (v.2b)

Reflection Questions

1. If God is impartial in his offer of salvation, how does this impact our personal and corporate responsibility to “make disciples of all the nations”?
2. In your own life, what makes it difficult for you to trust that “God is love”? How does this affect your walk with the Lord and relationships with others?
3. In what ways have you seen the faithfulness of God? How has this impacted your prayer life, love of friend/neighbor/enemy?