After the Gift
Colossians 1
Charles Wilson Jr. | Lead Pastor
We all know that look on a kids face when they receive that one special gift they always wanted on Christmas morning. Surprised, grateful, excited, overwhelmed and happy are some of the words that fit their description. The parents sit back smiling because they enjoy the joy of their little one. What’s most telling however, is how the gift is treated after the holy day. Colossians is written as a "what’s next" for a faithful new community who has had a good start.

December 31, 2023



Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication 


Colossians 1


  • Faith in Jesus
  • Love for the Saints
  • Love in the Spirit


Reflection Questions

  1. How would others describe your faithfulness in Christ?
  2. How you given much thought to how you treat other Christians?