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Communities are often defined by their challenges, crime and poverty.  This depiction often dominates the outlook and reinforces low expectations. In response we naturally give the bulk of our attention to the wrong things. We look at the news and statistics as if they tell the entire story. The reality is, this is only a small peep-hole view into any community.

This is also the story of the NW quadrant of Roanoke City. The popular story fails to communicate the history of people making an amazing life out of the lemons they were given. Or the new breed of leaders that are building on the past legacy and devising paths to take the city forward together. 

NW Love is just one way of translating into words the rhythm of an entire section of our city.

Perseverance, family, togetherness, brilliance, creativity and consistancy are words that help widen the peep-hole.

Connecting a radiant foundation, to promising potential for an exceptional future.

Yeah…we got that NW Love!

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